“Youth gets together with their materials to build a bridge to the moon or maybe a palace on earth; then in middle age they decide to build a woodshed with them instead.” – Henry David Thoreau.

There is never a better time to achieve one’s true potential than during your time with school and higher education.  However with late study nights, the pressure of juggling your education along with a part-time job and broadened social circles you may find yourself not reaching your full potential.  This is where I come in. Going back to college has allowed me to look at life and opportunities in a different light, to look at my mistakes over the years as a way to learn, to turn them into positives and to let the past take me into the future with a growth mindset – and I wish to take others along with me.

I believe that good coaching inspires students to maximise their full potential.  Through this, we can build confidence, inspire self-growth but also look at areas that need adjusting. It gives you a clear picture of your current self at a time of great personal growth in your life. Coaching helps goal setting and structures on how to achieve them.

I have recently facilitated workshops for DCU Ryan Academy in Entrepreneurship on the ESOC Program. As the facilitator and coordinator of the Student Enterprise Program for the Local Enterprise Office in Dublin City Council, I facilitate workshops on Entrepreneurship, Idea Generation, Innovation, Creative Thinking, Growth mindset, and social media. The Student Enterprise Programme is Ireland’s largest and most successful student enterprise programme with over 22,000 students each year from 1st year to 6th year taking part by setting up, running a student business and finding out what it is really like to be an entrepreneur.

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